Hirtenberger Automotive Safety is a partner to the international automotive and other industries for individual, innovative pyrotechnic solutions. Where actions need to be performed or triggered in milliseconds, pyrotechnics are often the only way to deploy enough energy in the available time. That’s where we come in. Our customers are vehicle manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 suppliers to the automotive and non-automotive industries where our products are needed to make solutions work.

Our core products are pyrotechnic igniters for a wide range of applications, actuators and micro gas generators for pedestrian protection systems or occupant protection systems, such as those found in active engine hoods or lock or seat belt tensioners. These are complemented by many other pyrotechnic solutions in the field of vehicle safety. With our in-depth experience and our innovative products, we help save lives every day.

Our newest product group is the electrical safety section. The circuit breakers in our EV product line disconnect the power train from the battery system to provide fire protection and save lives in case of an accident. This disconnects the battery in milliseconds.